The Name

We didn’t just put a Z in front of analytics. ZANA in shona means 100. Then obviously analytics means analytics. We just mixed zana and analytics to make Zanalytics. Sounds so much better than “hundred analytics”.

Zanalytics the passion project

We started from building small wordpress, squarespace and static websites for bloggers, and small companies. Now we have taken our true form, Zanalytics aims to create data science content,

We are now starting solve problems using data. The vision is to build a new age tech start up on day (baby steps). The kind that promotes problem solving and FUN simultaneously.

As we grow we aim to build small applications under the Zanalytics umbrella. These applications will aim to bring value to communities and bring people together.

The Founder

The founder is Chrispen Shumba.

The Members

Let me know if you want to post something.

AI Manifesto

AI Manifesto